• Other MEP Systems

Other MEP Systems

-Pool, Jacuzzi, Fountain and Waterfall

Wellmechs Company implements design and installation of indoor/outdoor pools, special constructed jacuzzi, fountains and water falls by considering customer requirements using latest technology. Controlling these systems with the centralized smart controlling systems (synchronized fountain system with music, smart waterfall system and etc.) can be implement due to the requirements of customer.  Additionally, to control ventilation requirement and humidity level of indoor pools and fountains latest technology is going to be used.

With our engineer and labor power, we are ready to give full support to operate and maintain the systems correctly (cleaning, bacteria protection, PH value control and etc.) after completing our works.

Wellmechs gives 1 year quarantine* to all pool, jacuzzi, fountain and waterfall systems done by Company.


- Water Refınement Systems

It is important to refine water, to prevent bad effect of water on human health, armature and equipment. Our Company with its qualified technical and labor power implements Sand Filter, Water Softener, Active Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmoses, UV Filter and Chlorination systems successfully and gives 1 year quarantine* for this works.


- Sanitary Installation

Wellmechs Company with its experienced engineers and labor power implements domestic water lines, sewage and drainage water lines design (proper sizing of pipes, selection of materials, and selection of required equipment) and installation works according to international standards (IPC, BS and etc) to maintain required flow rate and pressure at outlets, to minimize heat loose from systems, to prevent annoying noises, to receive domestic hot water without delay and to minimize initial investment. Wellmechs gives 1 year quarantine* for all of works done by Company.





* All spare part materials and troubleshooting of equipment and systems are included in this guarantee policy. Equipment and systems must be operated according to user manuals and other technical rules to make guarantee valid. We are giving full technical support for this purpose.