• Plant Rooms (Mechanical Rooms)

Plant Rooms (Mechanical Rooms)

WellMechs with experienced engineer and technics team implements plant room calculations, design and installation according to international standards such as as ASHRAE, NFPA and IPC. (During this MEP design procedure we are considering all upcoming necessities of system operator – convenience of system, long-lasting system, possible to monitor all necessary system information and possible to apply all necessary maintenance procedures.)


Plant room (mechanical room) project work scope of our Company:

  • Boiler Room
  • Chiller Pump Room
  • Firefighting Pump Room
  • Pool Plant Room
  • Water Refinement Plant Room




To make operation of plant room (mechanical room) simplified, all hand over documents (AS-BUILT drawings, Test Reports, Commissioning Documents, Balancing Reports, User Manuals, Spare Part List and etc.) will be provided to the Client after completing of works. Company gives 1 year quarantine* for all of works regarding plant room (mechanical room) works. During and after guarantee period Company gives full technical support for its Clients.


* All spare part materials and troubleshooting of equipment and systems are included in this guarantee policy. Equipment and systems must be operated according to user manuals and other technical rules to make guarantee valid. We are giving full technical support for this purpose.