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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Chiller / Fan Coil / VRF / AHU / Rooftop / CRAC Units

Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Electrical Works

Electrical Rooms / Lighting / Earthing / Lighting Conductor

Weak Current Systems

Access Control / CCTV / Fire Alarm / Parking Control / Traffic Barrier

Fire Fighting and Smoke Exhaust Systems

Dry / Wet / Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Automation and Smart House Systems (BMS)

Security / Lighting / HVAC Systems / Curtain and etc systems control

Plant Rooms (Mechanical Rooms)

Boiler Room / Pump Room / Fire Fighing Technical Room / Pool Technical Room

Other MEP Systems

Plumbing, Pool, Fountain, Cold Room, Water Refınement Systems

Technical Service

Plant Room / HVAC Systems / Fire Systems / Plumbing Systems / Electrical Systems Service

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